Window film is most commonly associated with heat and glare control. However, there are actually many different types of window film that exist. Some of them are actually used for decoration to enhance the look of glass. These are called decorative window films.

Decorative window films make an excellent addition to office spaces. Not only do they add color and character, but they also create privacy. And because there are so many different styles of film, it’s easy to find a film to match compliment the look of your office.

When deciding where to put decorative window film in your Kansas City office, you have several different options. In this post, we’ll discuss some creative ways decorative window film can be used in an office setting.

Creative Ideas for Decorating with Window Film

Interior design is all about creativity. When considering the design of your office, it’s important to look at things from a practical angle, but you shouldn’t hold yourself back from being creative. Experimenting with different colors, patterns, and applications for your window film can help you find what you and what you don’t like and also help you create a more unique look. Here are some interesting ways that decorative window film can be used in your Kansas City office:

1. Use window film to close off specific areas of your office.
Window film is great for closing off a specific area without blocking light. By adding a window film to your conference room or break room, you still get the same effect as blinds or curtains, but don’t limit your exposure to the light coming through your office windows.

2. Create a colored glass effect.
Colored glass is very stylish. It’s perfect for both creating a look that is super retro or ultra modern. And it’s great for adding color to an office that is mostly neutral or white. Window film creates an authentic colored glass look and costs only a fraction of the price of custom glass.

3. Show off your logo and brand.
Your office is part of your business, and therefore should authentically reflect your brand. Adding your logo or brand colors to your conference room or office entrance with window film is a great way to increase your brand presence.

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Decorative Window Film Installation Process

Having decorative window film installed for your office is easy. The first step is contacting your local window tinting contractor. During your consultation, you’ll be able to peruse different styles of film and schedule a date for the installation.

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