Have you noticed birds flying into your office building or commercial property in Kansas City? This epidemic actually takes about 1 billion bird lives each year around the world. The reflectivity of many modern buildings throughout the Kansas City area makes these buildings often undetectable by birds flying through the area. Bird strike prevention film provides an affordable solution that helps commercial property owners save on maintenance and replacement cost while helping save bird lives.

Bird Strike Prevention Window Film Advantages for Kansas City Office Buildings

Bird strike prevention window film is a specialty architectural film created in the effort to help save bird lives while reducing expensive maintenance costs and time-consuming cleanups. This specialty film features printed decals throughout the entire surface to alert birds that there is in fact a building in front of them. These printed decals are patterned throughout your Kansas City office building, offering premium aesthetics that don’t compromise the way your commercial property looks. Bird strike prevention film helps significantly save bird lives while lowering all the costly repairs and replacements expenses tied to this epidemic.

Installation Process for Bird Strike Prevention in Your Kansas City Office Building

Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting is honored to be the preferred bird strike prevention window film contractor in the Kansas City area. We offer bird strike prevention services in order to give back to our environment and community. We begin each bird strike prevention project with a free in-office consultation in order to discuss areas that are prone to bird strike, project priorities and goals, as well as different available aesthetics. We utilize premium, commercial-grade primers and adhesives in order to promote better product life and to make these films tamperproof to the general public.

For more information regarding bird strike prevention for your Kansas City office building, please contact us or call: (816) 875-3519