Bomb Blast Protection Window Film– for Kansas City Schools, Public Transportation & Businesses

Blasts can cause catastrophic damage. Not only is the blast itself a serious danger, but so are the million fragments of broken glass that hurl through the air. Installing bomb blast protection window film for your Kansas City school, airport, or commercial building is a smart way to stay prepared for blasts and other emergency situations. Bomb blast protection window films secure broken pieces and splinters of glass steadily within the window frame after a building has been impacted by a blast. They help reduce the risk of injury and casualty and also protect building interiors, providing excellent security as well as peace of mind.

Bomb Blast Protection Film for Your Kansas City Office Space

bomb blast window film kansas cityIn an office building, there are significant risks when it comes to something as severe as a bomb blast. When blasts are strong enough, multi story buildings can collapse and the exterior can be severely damaged. Exterior windows are extremely vulnerable points of an office building. Even if they’re not hit by the actual blast itself, the shockwaves and aftermath that follow the explosion can cause glass to shatter. Installing bomb blast protection window film can help keep your office, employees, and business assets safe. Bomb blast window films absorb the impact from blasts, preventing injury and reducing recovery times.

Bomb Blast Protection Film for Your Kansas City School or Business

bomb blast window film kansas cityAnyplace where the public gathers in large numbers is a target for terrorist attacks and bombings. Schools, airports, and public transportation are all magnets for these violent outbursts and need to be kept as secure as possible. Additionally, certain environments like manufacturing facilities and research labs are also at risk to blasts that occur as a result of accidents, chemical spills, or mishaps. Bomb blast protection window film can help keep Kansas City public spaces safe and protect occupants from glass related injuries. From Mission Lake schools to bus stations downtown and hotels in River Market, commercial properties of all kinds can benefit from bomb blast window films.

Bomb Blast Protection Film Benefits

Blasts aren’t the only threat for public spaces. Natural events like tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and blizzards can also put schools and businesses at risk. Bomb blast protection films help protect public spaces from nature’s fury and keep staff and students safe.

When a blast occurs, a building can be significantly impacted. Without some sort of protection, the damage can be extensive and repairs may require some time to complete. Bomb blast protection film reduces operation down times so businesses can quickly get back up and running.
bomb blast window film

Glass shrapnel produced as a result of blasts can cause serious bodily harm and lead to injuries that are potentially life threatening or fatal. Bomb blast window film secures loose glass pieces in place, reducing the risk of damage and injury.

Protect Your Building with Bomb Blast Window Film!

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