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Over the past 55 years, Llumar has built a reputation for the reliability and quality of their window film. Llumar offers one of the most diverse and extensive window film product lines out of any manufacturer. That means you get the freedom to choose between multiple options and customize your experience. Llumar films are ideal for commercial use due to their ability to improve occupant comfort, lower energy costs, and enhance building aesthetics and security.

Llumar for Architects & Designers
Llumar window film allows architects and designers to fully unleash their creativity and expertise. With Llumar film, you can control the amount of light that enters a building and completely customize aesthetics. Using Llumar for your architectural project allows you to:
Prevent sun damage to interiors
Enhance tenant privacy and comfort
Lower building energy costs
Add color and style to architecture

Llumar for Business Owners & Managers
Llumar window film helps business owners and managers save money and create a more pleasant indoor environment. They offer an incredible rapid return on investment and meet a wide range of business needs. With Llumar for your office or commercial building you can:
Save up to 15% on energy costs annually
Improve employee comfort and productivity
Protect your business from theft and accidents
Decorate the walls and windows of your building

Get Llumar for Your Kansas City Business
Start enjoying the benefits of Llumar today. Contact Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting to schedule installation services or get an estimate on your project. You’ll soon see that solving all your business needs is much easier than you thought.

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