Commercial Window Tinting In Kansas City

A Full Selection of Window Film Options for Kansas City

Situated right at the junction of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers, Kansas City is a thriving metropolis made up of successful schools, businesses, healthcare facilities, and government offices. But as with any big city, Kansas City faces its fair share of challenges. Extreme weather, crime, and economics all impose unique threats on life in this midwest city. But that’s where window film can help. Window film offers benefits for Kansas City commercial, government, and public buildings of all shapes and sizes. It reduces energy costs, increases security, improves building aesthetics and more. Just check out the information below to learn more.

Solar Protection
Summer days in Kansas City can reach over 100 degrees. And though a little bit of sunshine is certainly nice, all that added heat is no good for your building or electricity bill. Solar protection window tint helps to reject excess heat and block out damaging UV rays. It’s the perfect solution for Kansas City office buildings, hotels, schools, and more.

Climate Control
It’s well known that the midwest can be quite chilly during the winter. As temperatures drop below freezing, it becomes more and more difficult for your HVAC system to keep up. Climate control window film helps to trap radiant heat in your building and improve indoor comfort. Case studies indicate that it can reduce heating costs by 10-20%.

Safety & Security
In certain neighborhoods of Kansas City, property crime, robbery, and other dangers poses a serious threat to schools and businesses. And not to mention, there’s a certain risk that comes from being situated at the edge of Tornado Alley. Safety and security film can protect your building and occupants from virtually any threat or situation.

Decorative window film makes architectural design easy for Kansas City businesses. It can be used for logos, branding, or privacy and can be customized to resemble any appearance. Decorative film takes offices, schools, and other spaces from ordinary to extraordinary with one simple, affordable application.

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