For KC offices there are a lot of traditional privacy solutions out there. But how effective are they really? For most offices drapes, curtains, blinds or even paper taped to windows have all been met with little success. So a modern solution could be a good idea. An emerging form of privacy in offices is a decorative window film. But is it right for you? The short answer: likely. Read about the benefits below and find out if decorative window film may be the privacy solution for you.

The Benefits of Decorative Window Film

1. Decorative Wind Decorative Window Film is Cost-Effective: ow Film is Cost-Effective: As a privacy solution, decorative window film is the clear winner when it comes to cost. Custom blinds are incredibly expensive and can’t take the wear and tear of constant office use. Window film, on the other hand, is more customizable but very durable and most films cost less per square foot,

2. Decorative Window Film is Easy To Apply And Remove: Once you see decorative window film applied, you will be amazed at how simple it is. -It takes less than a day, if not hours to install. Removal is just as fast. Also, both processes are non-toxic and involve nothing more than a mild “soap” and water and a squeegee.

3. Decorative Window Film is 100% Customizable: Whether you want a slogan, a pattern or a bold company logo or a modern piece of art with window film is a way to get exactly what you want. Decorative window film even will mimic the look of textured glass. Almost any design you imagine and can be drawn in a CAD program can be created for your Kansas City office. With window film, you always get exactly the right look to compliment your office space.

4. Decorative Window Film is Beautiful: While blinds look crisp and curtains are elegant decorative window film wins in regards to beauty. There are just so many patterns, textures, and colors decorative window film to choose from–it is nearly impossible to go wrong. So decorative window film is not only functional for office privacy but also a work of art.

Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting For Your Office Privacy Film

Here at Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting, we have an extensive catalog of films for decoration, privacy or both. Whether you are looking for a quick fix for your cubicles or something more niche like a cloaking film for conference room–we carry what you need. For more information on films of all kinds–contact us today!

For over ten years, Mike Kinsey has been working as a consultant, project manager, sales advisor, and expert technician for commercial window film installs in the Kansas City metro area. His ability to successfully execute large scale and complex commercial and industrial projects has given him a reputation as one of the most trusted experts in his field. In addition to his eye for detail and extensive product knowledge, Mike brings with him a unique perspective to every project due to his extensive background in the construction industry. Together, he and his team have successfully installed over 250,000 square feet of window film. With certifications from 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education, Mike is a subject matter expert and one of the most accomplished professionals in the industry.