Energy Saving Window Film– for Your Kansas City Office, School, or Business

Energy saving window film offers a multitude of benefits for Kansas City offices, schools, and businesses. Energy saving window film provides a comprehensive solution that can reduce costs for artificial lighting and also cut down on expenses for heating and cooling. Energy saving film controls indoor climates all year round, rejecting heat during the summer and trapping it indoors during the winter, effectively saving up to 30% on energy costs annually.

Whether you manage an office building in the downtown Loop district, help manage one of Kansas City’s public schools, or own a restaurant or retail store in River Market, you’re sure to enjoy the benefits that energy saving window film has to offer. Commercial and public buildings of all types and sizes can benefit from energy saving film, including transit systems, office buildings, schools, libraries, and more.

Energy Saving Film for Kansas City Businesses

Energy saving window film is an environmentally friendly solution that helps to reduce energy consumption for office buildings and commercial structures. It can help lower heating and cooling expenses, increase natural brightness, reduce absenteeism, and even improve office productivity. In addition, it also blocks out uv rays that can cause serious damage to clothing or other items for sale and furniture in hotels, tenant rooms, and lobby areas. It’s a winning solution for employees, customers, and business owners alike!

Energy Saving Film for Kansas City Schools

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Keep your school running like a well oiled machine and save money with energy saving film! Energy saving window film can help free up your school budget and make your classrooms more comfortable and enjoyable for staff and students. Energy saving film reduces glare and increases indoor brightness while blocking out infrared rays that cause excess solar heat gain. Studies show that classrooms with energy saving film are more focused, productive, and generate higher test scores.

Energy Saving Film Benefits

Did you know that up to 30% of energy loss is due to poor insulation? Kick your energy bills to the curb and start saving today with energy saving film! Energy saving film boosts the insulating power of glass and allows hvac equipment to run for shorter time periods, saving tons of money year round.

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Studies show that exposure to natural light making office employees and students healthier and more productive. Energy saving film redirects the transmission of daylight, giving it the ability to extend further into interior spaces so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the sun.

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Uv rays can be detrimental to one’s health and completely destroy wood floorings, carpet, and furniture. With window tint, you can keep uv rays out of your building without having to block out the beautiful views and lighting that you enjoy.

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Glare creates distraction, causes eye strain, and is just downright annoying to deal with. With window tint, you can enjoy a glare free environment and work on your computer or watch tv in total comfort and ease.


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