Exterior Resurfacing Window Film– for Your Kansas City Office, Hotel, or Building

Chips and cracks in windows can occur for a number of reasons. Being exposed to extreme weather conditions, intense heat, moisture, and small pieces of sand or rocks carried in the wind can all have effects on the condition of windows, and result in small blemishes or abrasions that ruin a building’s appearance and energy efficiency. Exterior window film provides Kansas City property owners an affordable solution for making repairs to damaged glass panes and improving aesthetics. Exterior films seal cracks in glass, preventing heat and cold air from escaping, and make buildings look newer and more modern.

Exterior Film for Your Kansas City Hotel

exterior window film kansas cityManaging energy costs for a hotel is a challenge. As the sun beats down on your building, your hotel absorbs tremendous amounts of heat, placing a strain on hvac units to keep up in order to keep temps low for guests. By installing an exterior window film, you limit the amount of direct contact that your building has with the sun, thereby increasing its energy efficiency. Guests stay happy, your hotel looks beautiful, and you, the owner of the business, get to save money. From high rise hotels in Crossroads to historic bed and breakfasts in West Bottoms, hotels of all shapes and sizes can reap the benefits of exterior window film!

Exterior Film for Your Kansas City Office

energy saving window film kansas cityOffice buildings are another type of commercial space that can greatly benefit from exterior window film. In an office, comfort is important because it helps keep your office buzzing with good energy and high productivity because your employees aren’t distracted by the feeling of being too warm or uncomfortable. Additionally, many offices have windows that are high up, hard to reach, or unconventional in their shape or size, are require special accommodations, especially during the installation process, which traditional window films can’t provide. Window film provides the perfect solution for offices with multiple stories, skylights, floor to ceiling glass, or windows that have suffered exterior damage. Whether you’re office is located in the Plaza area, Greater Downtown, or in the suburbs of Independence or Overland Park, we are more than willing to come to you to install a beautiful exterior window film for your office!

Exterior Film Benefits

By preventing glass from being warmed by the sun, exterior window film prevents solar heat gain, reducing a building’s reliance on hvac equipment, and saving money.
energy saving window tint kansas city

Unsightly cracks and chips in your building send off the wrong impression. Repair damages and wear on the exterior of your building with a stylish window film.
exterior window film kansas city

Installing an exterior window film is a great way to bring attention to your building and modernize the way it looks. Opt for a colorful, flashy film to make a statement or install a reflective film for a sleek, sophisticated look.
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Exterior Window Film Saves Money!

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