Hospitals around the world have been improve their security due to the increased number of domestic attacks and mass shootings occurring at hospitals. With these property types being targeted for crime, finding better safety solutions is crucial. While security cameras, teams, and systems all aid in crime prevention, there are certain scenarios where these measures can fail. Bomb blast window film offers extensive security for Kansas City hospitals.

Advantages of Bomb Blast Window Film for Your Kansas City Hospital

Bomb blast window film is an innovative safety option that works as a passive security system that remains on 24/7. By combining an attachment system, multiple layers of safety film, as well as a glass strengthening agent, the result is a comprehensive preventative measure. Bomb blast security film works by adding flexibility and strength to your hospital’s existing windows and glass doors. When a high impact event occurs, the shockwaves are better absorbed by the bomb blast security film. Perfect for safeguarding against natural disasters, explosions, burglaries, break-ins, freak accidents, and more, bomb blast window film provides a cost-effective solution for hospitals. This specialty security film mitigates broken glass hazards which is one of the leading causes of significant injury and blast-related death. Building occupants remain safer with bomb blast film installed.

Security Assessment for Bomb Blast Security in Kansas City Hospitals

Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting has assisted many hospitals throughout the Kansas City area in their efforts to improve security. Work with one of our bomb blast specialists to find the most vulnerable areas of your hospital and to complete a thorough security assessment of your property. We’ve worked with strict budgets in the past and are happy to work with you to get the most out of your budget.

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