UV Protection Window Film– for Kansas City Offices, Retail, or Commercial

Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting is proud to be the premier commercial window tinting contractor in the Kansas City area, carrying a full selection of uv protection window films. We install high grade commercial window films that are specially integrated with advanced uv blocking technology that allows them to separate electromagnetic wave lengths and filter out approximately 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation that causes fading, bodily harm and disease, and glare. Whether you’re seeking a uv blocking film for your high-rise office in the Plaza area or your retail store or restaurant in Brookside, Westport, or Quality Hill, we are your go-to source for commercial window film installation!

UV Blocking Film for Kansas City Offices

uv blocking window film kansas city

In an office, there are many items that are sensitive to the sun and should be kept guarded from uv rays. Carpets, hardwood floors, artwork such as paintings, tapestries, and photographs, leather sofas, and fabric chairs are all susceptible to fading caused by prolonged uv exposure. Uv blocking window film presents Kansas City offices with a solution that can help reduce the risk of fading and extend the life expectancy of office furniture without obstructing natural light. Uv blocking window film contains microscopic pieces of ceramic and metal that cast off ultra violet rays, rejecting them instantly as soon as they come into contact with glass. The benefit of installing uv blocking film is that, unlike blinds and curtains, it does not interfere with visible light, so your office can stay bright and beautiful. Additionally, these films also eliminate glare and create a healthier environment for employees.

UV Blocking Film for Kansas City Retail

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Your merchandise is the livelihood of your retail store and its destruction means a loss in sales. Installing a uv blocking window film for your Kansas City retail location is an excellent way to protect leather, clothing, artwork, and fabric items from the sun. Uv blocking window film can be easily installed on window displays, entrances, skylights, or any other glass areas in a retail store. Not only does it help reduce the risk of fading and uv exposure, but it also saves money on energy costs and can help prevent theft. At Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting, we carry an extensive selection of uv blocking window films that are perfect for retail environments, many of which can even be customized so that retail owners can add their business name, logo, or a particular graphic to their film for stylistic and branding purposes as well. Contact our team of experts today to schedule your free consultation and begin exploring the many options we have to offer!

UV Blocking Film Benefits

Keep your merchandise in perfect condition by installing a uv blocking window film for your retail store to reduce the risk of fading.
uv blocking film kansas city retail

Installing a uv blocking window film can help you maintain the beautiful look of your office. UV blocking window film prevents colors from losing their vibrancy, keeping your space beautiful over the years.
uv protection window film kansas city

Installing a uv blocking window film can also make your office more productive. Uv blocking window film eliminates glare, which can help improve concentration levels for employees and prevent eye strain that leads to feelings of tiredness, headaches, and general fatigue.
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Keep UV Rays Out of Your Building

For more information on the applications, process, products and pricing for window tint contact Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting today for a free, on-site consultation with one of our window film experts.