How To Prevent Graffiti Damage To Your Kansas City Commercial Property

When you own a commercial property there are about a million things to worry about one of the most common being–vandalism.  Today’s options for defacing surfaces seem endless; spray paint, acid, stickers and scratch graffiti to name a few. So, keeping your property graffiti-free is not an easy task.  These graffiti attacks cost your establishment money in lost business and reputation. Furthermore, vandalism is a very expensive problem to have removed so for commercial property owners in the Kansas City area concerned with potential or existing graffiti, our amazing Graffiti Shield product line is something to consider as a graffiti solution.  It works on nearly any flat surface of their property and has the added benefit of saving a fair amount of money on graffiti repairs and removal.

Graffiti Shield Products For Graffiti Protection In Kansas City

Graffiti Shield is an amazing product.  Essentially a 6 mil thick film, it is applied over areas that are frequently targets of vandals (like mirrors, glass, and metal flat surfaces)  to protect from future graffiti or obscure graffiti that is already there. Graffiti Shield product lines include:

Metal Shield: This product is great for any metal surface in your commercial building but is most commonly used to repair elevator graffiti.  It saves a lot of money saver for commercial investors since it typically costs 10X less to have Metal Shield applied over affected panels rather than have them removed and replaced like in traditional elevator graffiti repair.  Additionally, the downtime for your elevator is minimal since the work is done in less than a day.

Mirror Shield:  Once a mirror is defaced with graffiti it cannot be brought back to full clarity and is ruined. Rather than replace the entire mirror, which can get pricey, Mirror Shield is a viable, cost-effective solution.  The mirrored film is just applied right on top of the affected mirrored surface and costs just a fraction of the cost of a new mirror. Best of all, should the film be defaced, the film is simply removed and replaced by one of our window film experts.

Glass Shield:  Graffiti on glass is all too common and hard to have removed.  Glass Shield anti-graffiti films change all that. With Glass Shield, you can be sure any window or glass surface on your commercial property is protected from vandalism attacks and easily restored should they occur.  These thin, invisible films go on top of glass surfaces on your building and protect the glass underneath from even the most vicious vandalism attempts. After an attack, the affected film is easily removed and replaced at a significantly lower cost than glass window replacement.

For more information on graffiti prevention products read the case study below:

For more information on these amazing graffiti protection films and even ideas on custom film graffiti solutions, contact us at Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting today to schedule a free consultation for your Kansas City commercial property.


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