Many older buildings are, by nature, fairly energy efficient. Older buildings contain thicker walls, have light reflecting finishes, are shaded by awnings and porch overhangs, and have plenty of ventilation. However, these buildings are not perfect when it comes to energy efficiency. Certain technologies and schools of thought simply did not exist at the time when they were built.

Often, the one thing that historic buildings lack are well insulated windows. Studies estimate that approximately 10-15% of energy loss occurs because of windows. While this is not an extremely high percentage, it is something that adds up over time and can become problematic in terms of cost and comfort.

However, replacing historic windows is not a method that is typically advised as it alters the look of a building. That’s where window film comes in. Window film can help improve the energy efficiency of aged or historic buildings in Kansas City without requiring window replacement.

kansas city window film historic building

How Window Film Works

Window film is comprised mainly of thick sheets of high grade polyester that have been specially enhanced for energy efficiency. During manufacturing, tiny pieces of metal and ceramic are spun onto the film. These metallic pieces are what allows window film to reject heat and control light. When in place, the film regulates the passage of heat through glass, making the window it’s applied on more energy efficient.

How to Retrofit Historic Windows with Window Film

Many older buildings contain high quality wood windows, which are more energy efficient than today’s modern wood windows. That means that preserving these windows instead of replacing them can actual be more beneficial.

Additionally, old wood windows can be easily retrofitted with window film. No component or part of the window has to be removed for the film to be installed. The film is simply cut to size and shape, then applied on top of the existing glass. It’s really that simple!

Read this case study to learn more about window film: case-study-window-film-historic-building

Save Money on Energy Costs with Window Film

Preserve your beautiful historic windows and start enjoying the benefits of energy savings today. Call Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting today to have window film installed for your Kansas City building or receive an estimate.

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