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Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting has been providing commercial, government, and public buildings with reliable window film. As Kansas City’s trusted window film company, we have the solutions you need.

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Since 2008, Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting has been providing commercial, government, and public buildings with reliable window film products and installation services. We partner with industry leading manufacturers to deliver the most technically advanced and high performing window films available on the market. Our commercial films have the ability to achieve a wide range of benefits, including energy efficiency, safety and security, privacy, and more.

Why window film? Window film is one of the most innovative products on today’s industrial market. It’s highly versatile and extremely effective, making it ideal for all business situations. And the best part is that it’s very affordable. Film costs only a third of the price as window replacement! From office buildings, hotels, and restaurants to high security government facilities and schools, window tint offers benefits for virtually any type or size of commercial space.

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    Window film offers incredible benefits for both high rise office buildings and smaller commercial practices. Window tint can reduce costs for artificial lighting, prevent excess solar heat gain, and improve employee productivity and attendance rates. It’s also a smart choice for decorating and branding your office and can create private conference areas. Or, if you feel like your office could use improvement in its safety and security, you may benefit from impact protection or break-in defense film.

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    For malls, retail stores, and shopping centers, window film is a must. It can enhance your store security, dramatically improve aesthetics, and cut down on energy costs. We offer a wide range of window films and window clings that are perfect for displaying your business logo, advertising promotions, and creating custom signage for your storefront. Choose from frosted, opaque, patterned, or clear film to meet your store’s needs. Retail window film could be just the thing you need to increase traffic and boost annual sales!

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    One of the main benefits of window film for hotels is energy efficiency. Hotels spend thousands of dollars trying to keep guest rooms at a comfortable temperature and during periods of harsh weather, this number can skyrocket. Window film can limit the strain on hotel HVAC systems and make guest rooms more comfortable and safer. It’s also a great way to refurbish damaged or deteriorating exterior glass surfaces. Window tint offers a win situation for hotel guests, staff, and managers alike.

  • restaurant_window_filming


    Window film offers restaurants, pubs, and cafes a low cost way to improve aesthetics and security. Surface film can put an end to vandalism in restaurant bathrooms and repair scratched mirrors and stalls in an affordable manner. And when it comes to appearance, decorative window film is every restaurant owner’s dream. Custom signs, artistic wall wraps, and mirror clings can add style and visual appeal to nearly any diner or eatery.

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    Schools and Universities:

    Schools can benefit from window tint in a variety of ways, such as reduced energy costs, less glare, better aesthetics, and improved security. Many window films are also very affordable which is conducive for school budgets which can be difficult to manage when it comes to renovations. We offer a wide of window films that are perfect for Kansas City grade schools, colleges, universities, and preschools. With window film, you can give your staff and students a safe, productive, and fun learning environment.

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    Arenas, Venues & Stadiums:

    Arenas, venues, and stadiums are huge in both their size and the amount of traffic they endure. Energy expenses can be quite high for such large facilities. And security has to be tight in order to keep things flowing safely and smoothly among large crowds. With window film, you can keep energy expenses low, prevent tagging in public bathrooms, and protect occupants from dangerous situations. Commercial window film is perfect for sports stadiums, music venues, and other public areas.

  • Museums:

    Window film is a great idea for museums for privacy, security, and decorative purposes. It’s affordable, easy to maintain, and highly durable, which means that it’s perfect for a busy environment like a museum. Precious antiques, artifacts, artwork, and exhibits can stay secure and protected from theft with the power of a security window system. And decorative films can help museums add a touch of color or artistic flare to their walls and windows. Window film can make upkeep for your museum simple and stress-free!

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    Secure Buildings:

    Security window systems offer the perfect solution for detention centers, financial institutions, and other high security buildings. Anti graffiti films help to prevent restrooms, signage, and other mirror or metal surfaces from being vandalized. And our bomb blast and break in defense films mitigate damage caused by accident or high impact forces. With window film, your building can stay safe and secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Church_Film_Kansas-City


    Many churches contain valuable artwork or antiques that require protection from theft and vandalism. For this reason, window film offers the perfect solution for keeping church valuables safe and protected. Stained glass windows can also be protected from accidental damage or breakage using C-Bond window film. With the right film in place, your church windows will be able to resist everything from hail and 40 mph winds to explosives.

  • Government_Tinting_Kansas-City

    Government Buildings:

    Due to its incredible energy efficiency and durability, window film offers the ultimate solution for government buildings. Many cities choose to install window tint for their government offices because it dramatically reduces energy costs and improves occupant comfort. Furthermore, keeping confidential files, sensitive information, and virtual data is a breeze with security window systems. Window film offers all around benefits for both government organizations and their staff members.

  • Kansas-City_Mass_Transit_Film

    Mass Transit:

    For many transit systems, keeping graffiti at bay is quite the challenge. Transit stops, train cars, light rails, airports, and bus depots are all major targets for vandals. And replacing damaged surfaces can be quite an expense! But that’s why there’s anti graffiti film. Anti graffiti film is perfect for concealing tagged surfaces and preventing future damage. And it can be completely customized to resemble the appearance of nearly every surface. When it comes to mass transit systems, protective window film is essential.


The benefits of window tint are far-reaching for Kansas City commercial buildings.
Enjoy the benefits of added style, functionality, and safety all with one low maintenance product.

Are you ready to get started on your project? Give us a call to schedule an appointment to have window film installed for your Kansas City office or commercial building.

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Energy-Saving Team:

  • Profile Picture Kansas City
    Nicole has spent the past five years working with us as our window film sales consultant. She soon joined our company after receiving her formal degree from the University of Texas. Due to her vast amount of product knowledge, Nicole is an expert at helping clients select the perfect film for their office or commercial space.”
    Nicole Nix
    Sales consultant
  • Profile Picture Kansas City
    Martin Faith is the founder and owner of Commercial Window Tinting Kansas City. Martin started his window film company back in 2008 after being inspired by the results that window film had on his own home in Denver, Colorado. Having already had a foot in the home improvement industry, Martin decided to start installing window film for commercial clients all throughout the state. His company quickly grew and expanded to several satellite locations throughout the country. Now, for the past several years, he has been helping building owners and managers in Kansas City with their architectural needs.
    Martin Faith
  • Profile Picture Kansas City
    Mike is the operations manager of Commercial Window Tinting Kansas City. He has been working out of our corporate office in Denver for the past 11 years and travels frequently to locations across the country to personally oversee all projects. Mike holds an extensive background in project management and construction which makes him an expert in both our products and building positive customer relationships. He strives to ensure that all of our clients are beyond satisfied with the results of their project and continually goes out of his way to meet their needs. Mike is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.
    Mike Kinsey


  • 3M Solves All Your Kansas City Business Needs

    3M Solves All Your Kansas City Business Needs

    Known for their innovative thinking and constant advancement in the industry, 3M is one of today’s leading window film manufacturers. At Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting, we offer the widest selection of 3M films of any provider in the Kansas City metropolitan area. 3M commercial films are one of the most effective products on the market for solar control, security, uv protection, and more.

    3M Sun Control Window Films

    3M sun control window films are designed to provide high heat rejection while allowing for maximum visible light transmission. With this film in place, you can enjoy crystal clear views of the outdoors without sacrificing comfort or raising energy costs. They can reduce solar heat gain by up to 79%, providing you with serious energy savings that could offer a full payback in three years or less.

    3M Safety & Security Window Film

    Stay prepared for the unexpected with 3M safety and security window film. 3M security window film helps to hold glass in place in the event of impact and reduces risks caused by flying glass shards. It’s incredibly durable and can withstand a variety of threats including severe storms, blast hazards, forced entry and more. 3M security film offers the ultimate protection for your business and employees.


  • Visa Offers Kansas City Incredible Benefits

    Visa Offers Kansas City Incredible Benefits

    As one of the top commercial window films on the market, Vista offers Kansas City businesses unbeatable benefits. Completely unmatched in both appearance and performance, Vita window films are the prefered product of choice for many interior designers and energy efficiency experts. They block damaging UV rays, cut down on energy costs, increase HVAC efficiency, and more. It’s easy to see why Vista is one of the leading window film brands existing on today’s market.

    The Benefits

    Why choose Vista? The benefits of having Vista window film for your Kansas City business are hard to beat. With Vista, you’ll experience incredible results year after year such as:
    UV protection: Vista blocks out 99.9% of UV rays that cause fading in commercial flooring and furniture
    Energy savings: Vista rejects up to 75% of solar heat gain and can reduce energy costs by nearly 15% annually
    Security: Vista security window films mitigate damage caused by broken glass and help to prevent building intrusion
    Sustainability: By installing Vista window film, your business could earn up to 9 points in LEED certification


  • Llumar, the Preferred Window Film for Kansas City Businesses

    Llumar, the Preferred Window Film for Kansas City Businesses

    Over the past 55 years, Llumar has built a reputation for the reliability and quality of their window film. Llumar offers one of the most diverse and extensive window film product lines out of any manufacturer. That means you get the freedom to choose between multiple options and customize your experience. Llumar films are ideal for commercial use due to their ability to improve occupant comfort, lower energy costs, and enhance building aesthetics and security.

    Llumar for Architects & Designers

    Llumar window film allows architects and designers to fully unleash their creativity and expertise. With Llumar film, you can control the amount of light that enters a building and completely customize aesthetics. Using Llumar for your architectural project allows you to:
    Prevent sun damage to interiors
    Enhance tenant privacy and comfort
    Lower building energy costs
    Add color and style to architecture

    Llumar for Business Owners & Managers

    Llumar window film helps business owners and managers save money and create a more pleasant indoor environment. They offer an incredible rapid return on investment and meet a wide range of business needs. With Llumar for your office or commercial building you can.


  • Graffiti Shield, Kansas City’s Top Defense Against Vandalism

    Graffiti Shield, Kansas City’s Top Defense Against Vandalism

    Damage caused by vandalism can be quite expensive for property owners to replace. And even after repairs are complete, there’s no guarantee against a future occurrence. That’s why there’s Graffiti Shield. Graffiti Shield offers Kansas City businesses the ultimate defense against property crime. It not only discreetly conceals any signs of graffiti, but also protects surfaces from being irreparably damaged.

    How It Works
    Graffiti Shield is a thick, durable film that’s designed to conceal graffiti and damage to building surfaces. It mimics the appearance of the furniture or fixture on which it’s applied, making it virtually impossible to detect. If the film gets scratched or tagged, the surface beneath it won’t receive any damage. And it can be easily removed and replaced as often as necessary.

    Graffiti Shield can be customized to fit and match practically any surface in your building. It comes in a wide range of finishes and can even be custom printed. Graffiti Shield is useful for a wide range of applications.


  • Drywired Liquid Nano tint, Non RF Blocking Film for Kansas City

    Drywired Liquid Nano tint, Non RF Blocking Film for Kansas City

    Does your building have single pane windows? If so, it could be absorbing an unnecessary amount of heat. Drywired Liquid Nanotint is an alternative to traditional window film that works to reject heat without blocking RF waves. Nanotint is the perfect solution for Kansas City government, military, and commercial buildings looking for a way to conserve energy without interrupting radio transmission.

    How It Works
    Nanotint is a liquid thermal coating that’s designed to improve glass insulation. It’s a water-based substance that can be applied to exterior glass surfaces just like paint. Nanotint is made up of metal oxide particles mixed into an inorganic adhesive binder. Once applied, it creates a 10 micron thick coat that works to reject heat, conserve energy, and improve occupant comfort.

    The Benefits
    Liquid Nanotint is unlike any other commercial film on the market. It’s easy to apply and maintain and offers remarkable benefits such as:
    Energy saving: Nanotint blocks 100% of UV rays and 95% of infrared light
    Non-RF blocking: Other commercial films interrupt radio frequencies whereas Nanotint does not
    Indoor comfort: Nanotint reduces radiant and conductive heat to make interior temperatures more comfortable
    Natural light: Unlike dark tint, Nanotint allows for up to 78% visible light transmission
    Durability: Nanotint does not peel, crack, or fade over time and lasts for up to 10 years


  • C-Bond: The Leader In Commercial Window Security

    C-Bond Offers Kansas City the Ultimate Defense System

    C-Bond Systems offer Kansas City the ultimate level of protection. Designed to make glass resistant to high impact forces, C-Bond offers the ultimate defense for any government or commercial building. C-Bond resists even the most destructive forces, including natural disasters, gunfire, explosives, and more. It’s a smart solution for schools, airports, and other buildings that require a high level of security.

    Based on Nanotechnology
    C-Bond was developed based on recent research in the field of nanotechnology conducted in partnership with William Marsh Rice University. Once applied, C-Bond works to reconstruct glass at the molecular level, making it stronger and more resistant to breakage. Once dry, it’s completely clear and therefore impossible to detect. And the best news is that since it’s a water-based solution C-Bond is also nontoxic and environmentally friendly.

    24/7 Impact Protection
    C-Bond brings GSA certified defense straight to your business. It’s perfect for structures that are frequently exposed to high stress environments or require maximum security. C-Bond keeps both buildings and occupants safe from dangerous situations. It’s resistant to a wide range of threats including:
    Flying rocks & golf balls.


  • HDClear Transforms Kansas City Offices & Commercial Buildings

    HDClear Transforms Kansas City Offices & Commercial Buildings/h4>
    Give your business a fresh, new look with HDClear window film. With countless options and styles to choose from, HDClear lets Kansas City building owners and managers add style and intrigue to interiors in an easy, affordable manner. HDClear film can be printed with any high definition graphic, text, or color and looks absolutely stunning in any commercial setting, including restaurants, hotels, office spaces, and more.

    HDClear Decorative
    Unleash your creativity with HDClear decorative film. HDClear decorative film allows you to add a splash of color to your walls and enhance building aesthetics. It can be completely customized to resemble any appearance and is available in a wide range of styles including translucent, transparent, and opaque. This fun and functional film can be used for office logos, branding, privacy, and more. It’s the perfect way to make your business stand out.

    HDSolar film is designed to filter light and create a comfortable, inviting indoor environment. These films work to effectively reduce glare and reject infrared heat and are perfect for high rise buildings, hotels, and retail outlets. They can also protect your office furniture and flooring by shielding 99.9% of UV rays. HDSolar combines aesthetics with energy efficiency, making it the ultimate architectural solution.


  • SolarGard Offers Kansas City Serious Energy Savings

    SolarGard Offers Kansas City Serious Energy Savings

    Solar Gard films offer Kansas City businesses a way to go green and save money. Created on behalf of the efforts of the globally renowned company Saint-Gobain, Solar Gard films are designed to improve the energy efficiency of building structures. They are one of the most renowned and reliable energy saving window films existing on today’s market. By rejecting up to 79% of incoming solar heat, Solar Gard allows businesses to become more eco friendly and save money at the same time.

    The Benefits
    From UV protection to reduced cooling costs, there are many factors which make Solar Gard the superior window film. By installing Solar Gard for your office or commercial space, you can experience incredible benefits such as:
    Heat rejection: rejection of up to 79% of excess solar heat gain
    Reduced cooling costs: reduction in cooling costs of around 30%
    Fade prevention: protection from 99.9% of fade causing UV rays
    Added privacy: private conference rooms, lodging, or meeting areas
    Glare reduction: glare reduction and improved screen viewing comfort


  • An Extensive Selection of Hanita Window Films for Kansas City

    An Extensive Selection of Hanita Window Films for Kansas City

    Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting is proud to offer an extensive selection of Hanita Coatings window films for Kansas City government and commercial buildings. Hanita Coatings are one of the top emerging speciality films in today’s global market. Hanita films offer multiple benefits for business owners and can be used for a wide range of benefits, including security, solar control, and privacy.

    Hanita SolarZone Films
    Hanita SolarZone allows you to make your business more sustainable and reduce energy costs. SolarZone is a self-adhesive laminate made up of polyester film modified by Hanita’s high performance coating. It works by filtering sunlight to reject heat, glare, and UV rays while still allowing natural light to enter your building. SolarZone improves window glazing and increases HVAC efficiency, cutting energy costs by up to 20%.

    Hanita SafetyZone Films
    Hanita SafetyZone films were developed based off of over 30 years of field experience in Israel. SafetyZone safety and security films are designed to hold glass in place in the event of breakage, minimizing damage caused by flying shards. They defend building occupants from potentially life threatening injuries caused by impact, blasts, and natural disasters. With SafetyZone, both your investment and employees can stay safe and secure 24 hours a day.


  • Solyx, Stunning Decorative Films for Kansas City

    Solyx, Stunning Decorative Films for Kansas City

    When you think of Solyx, think of style. Solyx allows Kansas City businesses and architects to take interior design to the next level. This fun and festive decorative film is available in almost every finish imaginable, including colored, patterned, textured and more. Solyx is perfect for adding privacy or color to conference rooms, lobbies, retail environments, private offices, and glass partitions. Virtually all businesses in Kansas City can benefit from the unique style and comfort of Solyx decorative film.

    The Benefits
    Make a statement about your business. Solyx film allows you to add color and personality to your building interior. And not only does it look great, but it also offers many additional benefits including:
    Enhanced decor: adds color and sophistication to building interiors
    Flexibility: Solyx offers one of the widest selection of window film styles
    Added privacy: With Solyx privacy film, you can conduct your meetings in privacy and comfort
    UV protection: blocks out damaging UV rays that cause fading and skin disease
    Affordability: Solyx decorative film is a more affordable alternative to glass replacement


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