Window Film Maintenance and Care for Kansas City Properties

Window film offers an incredible investment for properties in Kansas City. Now that you have your window film installed, it’s important to know the right maintenance and care instructions for keeping it in the best condition possible. After installation, there have been rare cases reported of a foggy or hazzy window appearance. This is purely due to condensation which should resolve itself in a matter of a few days.

How to Clean and Care for Window Film

Window film is less porous than glass, meaning that you won’t have to clean your windows as often now that you have film installed. When you do need to clean your windows, always use commercial window cleaner or a mixture of mild dish detergent with water. Never use anything abrasive on your window film– opt for soft cloth or paper towels. If you’d like to keep your interior window films looking fresh, a silicone polish can be applied periodically. This will give your windows a luminous look while preventing scratches but is not required for proper maintenance.

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