SolarGard Offers Kansas City Serious Energy Savings

Solar Gard is a polyester filming is dyed with coloring agents
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SolarGard Filming in Kansas City

Solar Gard films offer Kansas City businesses a way to go green and save money. Created on behalf of the efforts of the globally renowned company Saint-Gobain, Solar Gard films are designed to improve the energy efficiency of building structures. They are one of the most renowned and reliable energy saving window films existing on today’s market. By rejecting up to 79% of incoming solar heat, Solar Gard allows businesses to become more eco friendly and save money at the same time.

The Benefits
From UV protection to reduced cooling costs, there are many factors which make Solar Gard the superior window film. By installing Solar Gard for your office or commercial space, you can experience incredible benefits such as:
Heat rejection: rejection of up to 79% of excess solar heat gain
Reduced cooling costs: reduction in cooling costs of around 30%
Fade prevention: protection from 99.9% of fade causing UV rays
Added privacy: private conference rooms, lodging, or meeting areas
Glare reduction: glare reduction and improved screen viewing comfort

The Solar Gard Difference
Why Solar Gard? Solar Gard takes care of the things that matter most to your business. It dramatically improves indoor comfort for you and your employees and reduces energy expenses. With Solar Gard, your building will no longer be just an office. Rather, it will be transformed into a highly efficient and productive workspace. Solar Gard films offer impeccable color and clarity and are backed by superior adhesives to ensure optimal performance. In addition, all films are quality tested and come with an industry leading warranty.

Install Solar Gard for Your Kansas City Business
Take control of your energy situation and start saving today! Contact Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting to have Solar Gard installed for your Kansas City office or commercial building.

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