Safety and Security Window Film for Kansas City Schools and Universities

Window film has so many benefits for schools ranging from energy conservation for money savings to glare reduction for better productivity. One of the most popular applications for schools is security window film. Security window film has been implemented throughout campuses throughout the nation and performs as a critical piece for prevention, deterrence, and proper lockdown. There are many security film systems to choose from, making it important to work with a trusted contractor with extensive security background.

Safety and Security Window Film Systems for Schools

Safety and security window film is an innovative product that offers high resistance against countless threats. It works by adding a thick layer of durability and protection, enhancing your existing glass. Windows and doors are always the most vulnerable area of any property, making this an essential solution. Help defend against break-ins, smash-and-grabs, natural disasters, explosions, freak accidents, and even gunfire with the right system. Security film mitigates broken glass hazards and offers precious additional response time for building occupants to better hide or escape until the police arrive.

Ballistic Resistant Security Window Film for Schools

Ballistic resistant window film offers a lot of benefits, especially when incorporated into a comprehensive, tactical security protocol. This high-end technology offers incredible protection for all existing glass windows and doors. Schools can take advantage of this investment and even utilize tactical placement recommendations.

  • Slows down bullets that are 9mm or lower caliber
  • Provides additional response time
  • Helps deter intruders
  • Invisible, passive 24/7 protection
  • Includes all of the same benefits as standard security film
  • Includes bomb blast protection
  • Available with one-way shooting capabilities

Security Window Film for Schools

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