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Visa Offers Kansas City Incredible Benefits

As one of the top commercial window films on the market, Vista offers Kansas City businesses unbeatable benefits. Completely unmatched in both appearance and performance, Vita window films are the prefered product of choice for many interior designers and energy efficiency experts. They block damaging UV rays, cut down on energy costs, increase HVAC efficiency, and more. It’s easy to see why Vista is one of the leading window film brands existing on today’s market.

The Benefits

Why choose Vista? The benefits of having Vista window film for your Kansas City business are hard to beat. With Vista, you’ll experience incredible results year after year such as:
UV protection: Vista blocks out 99.9% of UV rays that cause fading in commercial flooring and furniture
Energy savings: Vista rejects up to 75% of solar heat gain and can reduce energy costs by nearly 15% annually
Security: Vista security window films mitigate damage caused by broken glass and help to prevent building intrusion
Sustainability: By installing Vista window film, your business could earn up to 9 points in LEED certification

An Alternative to Window Replacement

Vista window film costs one fifth of the cost of window replacement. And it delivers up to 7 times the energy efficiency per $1 invested. Also, unlike triple or double pane windows, installing Vista film is minimally invasive and non-disruptive. It’s the perfect solution for new construction and retrofit projects alike.

Kansas City’s Source for Vista Window Film

Why wait to get started? It’s time to conquer your business goals today, Kansas City, with Vista window film for your office or commercial space. Contact Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting, the number provider of Vista window film, to schedule an appointment or get more information.

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