Mirror Restoration Window Film– for Your Kansas City Property

Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting is proud to have worked with numerous schools and business owners in the Kansas City area on projects involving mirror restoration. Using our premium, durable Mirror Shield window films, we have been able to restore many mirrors that have been damaged by vandalism, corrosion, and scratching to their original shine and beauty. Not only do our window films offer a solution that’s much more affordable than replacing a mirror, but they also provide a way for business owners to protect their property long term. If the film gets damaged, it can just be peeled and replaced! It’s an easy and hassle free solution!

Mirror Restoration for Kansas City Schools

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On numerous occasions have we spoken to school board members and administrators about their frustrations revolving around graffiti. Bathroom mirrors in schools are like magnets for vandalism. Students are able to vandalize mirrors quickly without getting caught because they are concealed behind closed doors where they can’t be seen. Even if a school goes through the effort of removing the damage, it’s likely that they’ll have to deal with the same issue in a matter of weeks. By using Mirror Shield window film, we are able to help schools avoid much of this frustration and save money on repairs. Our window films cover up even the deepest scratches in mirrors and also correct aesthetic issues caused by rust and natural wear. They’re affordable and they’re effective.

Mirror Restoration for Kansas City Businesses

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How your property looks and what condition it’s in says a lot to your customers. If your space looks neglected and run down, people are likely to assume the same about your business. Your brand loses credibility which translates into lost sales. If the first thing your customers see when they walk into your restaurant, retail store, hotel, or office is a scratched or vandalized mirror, they’re likely to get the wrong impression. Installing Mirror Shield window film is a great way to fix a damaged mirror and protect your property. Mirror Shield films are super thick and super durable, which gives them the ability to cover up even severe scratching and acid etching, as well as protect surfaces from being forever ruined by moisture, ink, and paint. These films can be cut to any shape or specification and are well suited for mirror restoration projects of all sizes.

Mirror Shield Film Benefits

Customers are easily scared off by a property that looks unsafe or unclean. Keep your space in excellent condition and fix mirror damages in a flash with window film.

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Mirrors in bathrooms or above sinks are especially prone to being damaged by moisture. Over time, this can result in corrosion as the moisture eats away at the mirror. Prevent corrosion and correct it at first sight with Mirror Shield window film.

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When damages have already occurred, Mirror Shield offers an affordable alternative to replacement. Use the film to cover up pen, marker, paint, or scratches in an instant.

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Restore Your Mirror & Save Money!

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