It’s summertime in Kansas City! On the one hand, that means that it’s time to enjoy the long days and fun in the sun. It also means, however, that business owners are spending time, money, and energy on their efforts to beat the heat. Many of them are relying solely on air conditioning and ventilation systems. These can be effective, but they can also cost you a fortune in utility costs. Installing energy saving window film in your Kansas City business can provide a cost-effective alternative!

High energy costs got you down? Start saving today with these innovative energy saving window film solutions for Kansas…

Posted by Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting on Monday, August 3, 2020

What Is Energy Saving Window Film?

It’s commonly known that window film can help to reduce solar UV glare within a home or business. But did you know that it can also help business owners save money? 

Here’s how it works: Window film – a transparent barrier that’s attached to windows – blocks solar radiation from entering into your office building. In this way, it reduces the amount of heat that would otherwise enter through the easily-permeated boundary of glass windows. As a consequence, you’ll wind up spending less money on air conditioning and other traditional cooling methods.

The amount of savings will vary depending on a given window film’s quality and material. That said, most energy-saving window films can reliably reduce heat by at least 70%. These reductions can lead to big savings for Kansas City business owners!

Start Saving on Energy Costs Today!

Don’t wait for the late summer temperatures to climb into the triple digits. Start lowering your business’ energy costs by investing in energy saving window film today!

There are tons of window film options out there, which means it’s important to work with an expert. Thankfully, Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting has you covered. Contact our office today to learn more about the benefits of window tinting or to schedule your consultation!

For over ten years, Mike Kinsey has been working as a consultant, project manager, sales advisor, and expert technician for commercial window film installs in the Kansas City metro area. His ability to successfully execute large scale and complex commercial and industrial projects has given him a reputation as one of the most trusted experts in his field. In addition to his eye for detail and extensive product knowledge, Mike brings with him a unique perspective to every project due to his extensive background in the construction industry. Together, he and his team have successfully installed over 250,000 square feet of window film. With certifications from 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education, Mike is a subject matter expert and one of the most accomplished professionals in the industry.