Is your office or store in need of a makeover? Consider adding custom design decorative window film! Custom designed decorative window film can give your Kansas City business that special touch it needs to stand out from the crowd.

Custom designed decorative films are far superior to the decorative window films you see at the hardware store. Custom films are created by high tech companies like HDClear who use high grade inks and a unique printing process to manufacture films of outstanding quality and clarity. They’re perfect for restaurants, hotels, retail stores, office buildings, schools, and more!

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Ways to Use Custom Design Decorative Window Film

When it comes to decorating with window film, the options are virtually limitless. Window film can be printed to meet your exact needs and building specifications. In fact, we encourage our clients to get creative when it comes to designing their film. In our experience, the more unique the film looks, the more effective it as at grabbing customers’ attention. Here are just a few ways you can use custom design decorative film in a commercial setting:

Professional logos – Add professional looking logos to your office or store entrance, conference rooms, and more

Advertisement – Create eye catching displays to advertise your current promotions, events, or sales

Privacy – Reduce visibility to give conference rooms and meeting areas a more private, secluded feeling

decorative window film kansas city

Additional Benefits of Custom Design Decorative Window Film

In addition to aesthetic enhancement, custom design decorative window films can also provide your Kansas City business with many other enjoyable benefits such as:

  • 16% reduction in solar heat gain
  • Protection from 99% of uv radiation
  • Safety during glass breakage
  • Double sided graphics and decor
  • Savings on building renovations
  • Start Designing Your Window Film

    Speak to an expert about your decorative needs. Call Kansas City Commercial Window Tinting today to get started on creating a custom design decorative window film for your Kansas City office or business!

    For over ten years, Mike Kinsey has been working as a consultant, project manager, sales advisor, and expert technician for commercial window film installs in the Kansas City metro area. His ability to successfully execute large scale and complex commercial and industrial projects has given him a reputation as one of the most trusted experts in his field. In addition to his eye for detail and extensive product knowledge, Mike brings with him a unique perspective to every project due to his extensive background in the construction industry. Together, he and his team have successfully installed over 250,000 square feet of window film. With certifications from 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education, Mike is a subject matter expert and one of the most accomplished professionals in the industry.